Tanel Kerikmäe published an article discussing how constant technological developments affect the legal profession

In December 2023 Tanel Kerikmäe, TalTech Legal Lab’s Chief Strategist, published an article in Geenius. In the article, Tanel addressed how constant technological developments affect the legal profession and what a lawyer needs to do to stay competitive today. Tanel also gave an overview of the future of the legal system and some of the projects that TalTech Law School is working on.

TalTech Legal Lab was also highlighted in the activities of the Law School, as we are engaged in various innovative legal technology projects. For example, in co-operation with the National University of Singapore, we are preparing a guide for Meta on how countries can use e-services in the metaverse. As Tanel also mentioned in his article, lawyers have received a new challenge in the development and implementation of legal technologies, the legal service is becoming more complex. Lawyers must abandon the notion that they can only cope within the framework of traditional law and begin to offer not only a norm-based, but a solution that takes into account the changing environment and the situation in which there is no definitive answer to all legal questions.

You can read the article here: https://digi.geenius.ee/blogi/teadus-ja-tulevik/tanel-kerikmae-jurist-peab-konkurentsis-pusimiseks-investeerima-digiharitusse-ja-tehnoloogiasse/.